KAT Free-Range Production

Free-range production is subject to the same requirements as barn production, with the added condition that free-range hens are able to use a conservatory and a free-range area during the day.

Free-Range Area

The free-range area and the popholes must be designed to promote and ensure their use by the hens. This outdoor area must be in direct proximity to the hen house and be directly and easily accessible by the hens during the day.

The free-range area must be planted with vegetation, which should be evenly distributed over the whole area e.g. bushes, hedges or similar, providing the birds with protection and shelter.

Obligatory Conservatory (Cold Scratching Area)

For KAT-approved free-range production, an obligatory requirement is the provision of a cold scratching area of at least 50% of the interior area of the hen house, as used by the birds. This bright and airy cold area can be regarded as a transitional area through to the free-range area, so that the birds can still spend some time outside the hen house itself, for instance when restricted access to the outdoor area is based on an animal health order from the responsible official veterinary surgeon.

The popholes from the hen house into the cold scratching area and the free-range areas must be evenly distributed and available in sufficient number.