KAT statement on Fipronil

KAT statement on the use of DEGA 16 mite control agent


KAT is the supervisory body for the assurance of origin and traceability of eggs from alternative systems of hen rearing in Germany and neighbouring countries.

In line with our duty of care and preventive consumer protection, and along with KAT members, we are obliged to gather information within our association on the use of the DEGA 16 mite control agent which is suspected of containing Fipronil. This increases transparency and reduces potential risks.

Our KAT laying farms have been urged to report any use of DEGA 16 in their establishments. To our knowledge, one hundred Dutch, four German and one Belgian laying farms have purchased the DEGA 16 mite control agent. After this information became known, these establishments were banned from the KAT system. We are currently examining if and to what extent the eggs produced by the aforementioned establishments are actually contaminated with Fipronil. Notwithstanding the above, we have ensured that no eggs from these establishments are currently placed on the market. Only after an official agency has certified the results of a preliminary analysis of the eggs, will these establishments again be admitted to the KAT system and allowed to supply the retail trade. We are currently constantly receiving the results of these samplings. Given the large number of samples taken, it will take up to one week to perform all analyses.

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