KAT Cooperation Partners

KAT cooperates closely with scientific institutions, animal welfare organizations, trade associations and other control systems.

The German Animal Welfare Organization (Deutscher Tierschutzbund)

Animal Welfare Label

In 2008, KAT developed wide-ranging requirements with the German animal welfare organizations on the husbandry of laying hens using the KAT standard. The goal was a particularly animal-friendly keeping of laying hens in barn and free-range farms in order to market the eggs with the label "Animal welfare tested".

Against the backdrop of the general proliferation of quality labels and KAT's long-standing and good collaboration with the German Animal Welfare Organization, the label "Animal welfare tested" was transferred in 2015 to the animal welfare label of the German Animal Welfare Organization "For more animal welfare". In this way, the value added to animal welfare was made more transparent and consistent to the consumer.

A condition for participation in the animal welfare label program is that farms are KAT-certified.

Since 2016, consumers have also been able to find this two-stage animal welfare label from the German Animal Welfare Organization on egg packaging in German food retail.

For further information on the criteria and requirements for the animal welfare label, please contact the label office of the German Animal Welfare Organization:

Deutscher Tierschutzbund e.V. – Bundesgeschäftsstelle –
Mr. Marcel Meurer
In der Raste 10
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IFS stands for the International Featured Standard, a food safety and quality standard for food manufacturing and processing companies which was developed by retailers. Since 2009, the results of KAT audits have also been stored in the IFS portal. Customers and business partners can find out online about KAT certification status, subject of course to the consent of the farms.

Further information: www.ifs-certification.com

For packing stations which supply retailers, IFS certification is obligatory (IFS Food or IFS Wholesale Cash & Carry). For smaller packing stations, a simplified supplementary checklist has been developed, and this is checked within the companies alongside the KAT requirements.


Integrated Chain Monitoring, or IKB, is the nationwide, uniform quality assurance system in the Netherlands and sets the criteria for the keeping of laying hens, among other things.

Since 2007, the inspection criteria of KAT and IKB have been aligned for the purposes of mutual recognition.

The intention is that a laying farm which conforms to the KAT criteria can also market under the IKB label, and vice versa. This regulation however only applies nationally, that is, the KAT label is only used in Germany, and the IKB label only in the Netherlands.

KAT audits and IKB audits can be carried out by the approved certification bodies as combined audits.

Further information on IKB Egg can be found on the website www.avined.nl

Ben Dellaert / Director AVINED
Laan van Vollenhove 3229
P.O. Box 750
3700 AT Zeist
Tel: +31 (0) 30 755 5010