Members & System Participants

Who is a part of it?

All parties who have a role in the production and marketing of eggs monitored by KAT are connected to the KAT control system. This includes all partners working with KAT system participants and from whom they source raw materials or eggs. This includes:

  • Hatcheries / rearing of chicks

  • Feedstuff manufacturers [PDF]

  • Keepers of laying hens

  • Packing stations

  • Producers of egg products / the food industry

    A list of the companies of the food industry connected to the KAT system can be downloaded here.

KAT Members

Members of KAT include packing stations, sales outlets/agents, egg product- and food industry. Compound feed producers and laying farms are system participants. Participation in our system is voluntary.

All members and system participants are obliged to do their best to support the endeavours and interests of the association and to follow the resolutions and directives of the bodies of the association. Members are entitled to vote in the general meeting.

If a participant acts against the KAT agreements, they will be sanctioned using special measures or even with a prohibition against using the KAT logo.

The KAT board consists of 14 members. It comprises representatives of the packing stations and production farms in Germany as well as abroad, the food retail trade, feedstuff producers, egg product manufacturers and animal welfare. The executive board is elected by the general meeting for a period of three years. Headquarters of the association is in Bonn.

Inspected Production Systems